Monday, November 10, 2008

Trays of Rupiah

If you have not joined the local PPC this one,, the time may now try to join a member without charge alias free. You can become a member or member publisher and the advertiser as a member both. You will not get the benefit of your previous estimate. For free registration, please direct it as a referral my list here.

The advantage is the advertiser as a member, among others:

* Creating the flow of traffic or visitors to the advertiser website.
* Subject to increase page Rank in search engines and in turn can increase sales of the product or service offering.

The advantage is the publisher as a member the opportunity to get passive income from the blog. For that, we can estimate the revenue with the following calculation.

Suppose you install 2 ads, one ad text and a mini-banner ads each with a price as below.

Revenue per click

For the text>> IDR. 300, --

To mini-banner>> IDR. 400, --

We assumed that the visitor clicks per day for each ad is 20 times including clicks on the ad your referral.

So your income per day is as follows.

O (IDR 300, - Rp. 400, -) X 20 = click Rp.14.000, --

Plus the income from your referral per day of

O (Rp.50, - Rp.50, -) X 20 = Rp click. 2000, --

But earnings in a month is

ó your income per day revenue from referral per day

O (IDR 14,000 X 30 days) (IDR 2000, - X 30 days)

ó Rp. 480,000 --

So in a month, you can takes Rp. 480000, -. The number of the more sizeable enough to pay for your internet connection, I?

Wait any longer, the list now also here.

Once again, who want to do registration for free, can be done here.

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