Saturday, January 3, 2009

learn about SEO with

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process to improve the quality and quantity of traffic to a website, in this BLOG that from search engines are "natural" in which search results based on keyword targeted. And the website / blog with a high ranking will usually occupy the front page of search results from a search engine, which means that the website / blog on the front page of search results have the biggest opportunity to visit. SEO can also target for a number of search results, including image search / image, the search for a local server, and also other specific target.

During this time I think SEO is a BIG secret, and only known by a few people who have become icons in the internet marketing. And for that I still newbie in the wilderness that is very knowledgeable, SEO is still uncertain. Light of the withdrawal is still hazy in the dark alley at the end of the tunnel.

Now I am trying to understand what is SEO, SEO is and how do they work, I study and read a tutorial from, there are tools that will help improve the traffic we can find a list of article directory and there is also a very good tutorial, we also can learn about submit articles , therefore if we want to learn about SEO visit because it will help us to understand about SEO.

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