Thursday, March 19, 2009

Golf Tournament Handicapping

When I use the handicap tracker so as to be able to get a USGA Handicap, which has risen to about 7:20 over the winter. I play poorly and tight on dormant Bermuda grass. I also Putt poorly on bumpy, unmowed Greens. But, hey, I'ma single-digit guy, and that's about all I can ask at my advanced age of 43, while being slightly too heavy at 6'2 "and 250 lbs.
The USGA says you have to be withing a certain radius of your local club, so pay attention to their local chapters if you want an OFFICIAL USGA Handicap, they been easy to work with and have been responsive to my emails, when I ' ve wanted to ask a question.
I'm very happy sport I spend my leisure time with sport and one sport that I like is to play golf and I have joined in one of the golf club, among the participants to share my experience about one of the golf member suggested using the software for analysis of golf game and we also improve the performance of our game and for golf tournament handicapping, and he suggested to use a golf handicap tracker's, With the help of my golf handicap tracker can analyze my golf game for you who like to play golf I recommend a visit to

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